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 Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study 

Recent data analyzed (during 2008-9) shows strong evidence that Reiki is indeed responsible for a positive biological response in both humans and animals

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9 Facts about Reiki

Reiki is alternative therapy that uses gentle touch to help relax enabling the body systems to move into a state of balance and harmony.


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Healing Hearts LI Reiki News

How Reiki Raises Your Energetic Vibration + Why It Matters.


The higher our vibration, the more aligned we are with our greater purpose, in touch with our higher selves, and living in our flow. When this happens, we are most connected with our true selves, as well as with others.

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How Reiki Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety.


Reiki helps you relax, calm and reconnect with your heart, your true center, realigning you with your Higher Self.

Fear is often a strong emotion, but it is ultimately an illusion, albeit a powerful one. Love, however, is real. And, Reiki helps you reconnect to yourself — to Love.

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Healing Hearts LI Reiki News

Reiki in the Clinical Setting is On The Rise…


Reiki is increasingly finding its way into medical settings, from hospitals to hospices, and the push appears to be coming not only from clinical practitioners but from patients as well as .

“More and more, patients are requesting care beyond what most consider to be traditional health services, and hospitals are responding to the needs of the communities they serve by offering these therapies,” according to researcher Sita Ananth of Health Forum, an affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA). “And hospitals are responding to the needs of the communities they serve by offering these therapies.”

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How Listening to Your Heart Creates Physical Wellness.

Reiki is a healing modality in which gentle “hands-on” and “hands-off” placement of hands assists in relieving or reducing pain and discomfort by balancing the body’s energy centers, or chakras.

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