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Healing Hearts Li Reiki Shoden Level I

Reiki Classes

Space is limited. Minimum $50 deposit required to hold your spot.

Usui/TIBETAN Reiki LEVEL 1 (Shoden)

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TIME: 10am to 3pm.

Price: $125


What will you learn in Reiki Level I:

  • What is Reiki and how it heals
  • Precepts
  • 5 Elements
  • Learning to feel and clear energy
  • Guided meditation
  • Byosen scanning
  • Self treatment and hand positions
  • How to give a treatment to others
  • Level I attunement

Upon completion of Reiki Level I (Shoden) you will receive a certificate of completion.  


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TIME: 10am to 5pm.

Price: $165


What will you learn in Reiki Level 2:

  • You will learn to strengthen your skills and increase your spiritual awareness to Reiki energy
  • You will learn the 3 sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them in your practice.
  • Guided meditations to deepen your  awareness to energy
  • Level 2 attunements
  • More concentrated table work
  • Certificate and work book

Prerequisite – level 1

Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T)

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TIME: 10am to 5pm

Price: $200


What will you learn in A.R.T:

  • You will be given the Usui Master symbol and  be taught how to use it
  • Lean to create a Reiki crystal grid that will continuously send distant Reiki healing
  • Aura clearing exercise
  • Advanced table work
  • Reiki moving meditation and guided meditations
  • Certificate and workbook

Prerequisite – level 1 & 2


Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher (Shinpiden)

Next Class: See Calendar Below

TIME: 10am – 4pm. This is a 2 day class.

Price: $425


What will you learn in Master Teacher:

To  open and clear energetic pathways within the body that will allow you to hold and maintain  a higher,  vibrational frequency.


  • Receive the Reiki Master Teacher attunement
  • Guides meditations
  • Give attunements to students for each level of Reiki
  • Perform spiritual blessings on others
  • Tools to help empower others
  • How to promote your business
  • Suggested class outlines and helpful forms
  • Receive Reiki Master Teacher certificate upon completion

Prerequisite – level 1 & 2 and A.R.T.

Private Classes Available. Call For Details.

Reiki Class:

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